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Sun: rested, walked the dog about 2 miles.
Mon 4-25: kickboxing (jump rope/plyo/plank/pushups/situps warmup, then light live standup. This class has not varied much in setup lately, but it was still a lot of fun.
Tue: Judo was a side fall and foot sweep heavy warmup, then we drilled de ashi harai as a counter to ippon seioi nage, then drilled seioi toshi as a counter to ippon seioi nage, and a little osaekomi, my favorite part of the evening. There are 2 new people and probably a third coming soon.
Wed: AM BJJ was 1/2 hour nogi (I was late) that was just guard passes. Then I rolled in my gi for an hour, which was grip breaks returning to belt grip or sternum, then breaking my opponent down, trapping their forearm to my bellybutton, kicking out and hooking the leg, and sitting up for the armbar. I also drilled sitting out from guard, posting my arm out and grabbing the lapel on the opposite side to take their back. I'm sore, but that's how it's supposed to be, and I loved this workout so much.
Thur: A guy from the Drysdale affiliate in Erie PA, about 45 min from here, was supposed to show up but got stuck at work. However, there were two of the regular local instructors, and it was a relatively big class (12 people). We warmed up with armbar and triangle drills, then sprawl, sprawl to anaconda, anaconda to the back, then get both hooks in, flatten them out and choke.
Fri: AM BJJ, worked a lot of the same stuff from Thursday night.
Sat: Dojo closed due to a point sparring tournament. LAME
Sun: walked dog twice like usual, and walked around wet cold windy soccer fields.

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