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Originally Posted by Black_S15 View Post
im a BJ fan... hes my fav fighter in the lw/ww divisions...
but seriously, im really sick of the "motivated/un motivated" nonsense BJ fan boys keep going back on.

when he loses he was "un motivated" so thats why he lost... but when he wins, it was a prime "motivated" BJ, thats why he won. its nonsense and total crap.

he was beaten by fitch and and was very fortunate to get a draw.

the reality is, BJ will get schooled by the top WWs. they are just too big and strong... i would of liked him to stick to LW.
Fitch wasn't too big for him at all. He lost that fight for one reason and one reason alone; cardio. He was exhausted by the third round and thus got taken down at will and hit in the face for an entire round.

Technically Fitch isn't as good as Penn and his size wasn't some huge advantage people were making it out to be before the fight. It was the cardio that ****ed BJ.

Thats not an excuse either, just an explanation as to what happened in that third round.
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