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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
I love your efforts friend.... but come on now. What do you think Machida would do to Coleman? Rua looked horrible in his fight against the old wobbly muppet. None of these things come even remotely close to taking on a prime Machida.

The most impressive thing I've seen Couture do of late is surviving those sub attempts against Nog. Shows he still has some good core strength. However, Nog had to barely touch him to drop him. Machida is going to punch him in the face, not try to sub him. So, we come back to the clinch game of Couture which nobody has seen tested for 1.5 years.

Actually, all this serious debating is making my knob shrink. Ifs not becoming of a gentleman of my ridiculousness. Truth is, if Couture wins, I'll be amused to say the least! But he wont. Take that to the bank. ( Not that banks provide any kind of security these days )
You were being serious?

Seemed ridiculous enough to me.

How about a friendly sig bet?

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