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I doubt Jones is ducking, if anything I dare say the UFC its self could have some dark input when it comes to such strange situations surrounding injuries in big fights, I thought this when Cain when down before he had to face JDS, think about it that was the last fight of title reliance in the division, so as far as the injury when it worked out great for the UFC, forced JDS to take on another No.1 contender fight while giving there golden ticket boy Brock a chance straight back into title action not to mention bringing this title relevance into TUF and the fact its giving the dried out division time to grow into title consideration because seriously if Cain and JDS had met the division was then a dead dry rerun. I don't know it just goes beyond making good of a bad situation with the injury, when you look at it it was exactly what needed to happen for life to continue in the HW division.

Maybe its the same now with the LHW division which I believed for a long time is drying up fast with old champs and contenders becoming dated, so maybe the UFC decided to blow a not so serious standard sports injury out of proportion and give new blood a way to enter the mix, plus Rash has not fought in a long time, must the same sense as Belfort when he faced Silva, maybe the UFC saw that and thought screw this lets make Rash have another contender match instead now its been so long.

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