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Seems like you're asking a very broad question about how explosiveness in the chest relates to the bench press. If you're looking for something more specific, then let me know and I'll try to clarify.

People get very confused about max effort. They think that when you lift heavy, you get less explosive. That's ass backwards. You lift heavy weights, for low reps, you get more explosive. Why? Because when you've got 300lbs sitting on your chest, you don't gingerly press it up. When you're lifting at your limits, you have to accelerate to get the weight up. It simply looks slow because the weight is heavy as hell. People say to lift less weight more explosively but think about this - if your max weights are higher, then that means you can lift more weight explosively. For example, if you can bench press 200lbs for one rep, then you can bench press 100lbs explosively for a couple reps. But if you increase your one rep maximum up to 300lbs, then that means you could bench press 150lbs explosively for a couple reps, OR 100lbs even more explosively.

Continuing from that last thought, you also have to realize that doing low-weight-explosive-lifting and high-weight-max-effort-lifting are not seperate, independent methods of training. Some power lifters often have one max effort day, and one dynamic effort day. That means that they lift heavy as hell on their max effort day, then on their dynamic effort day they lower the weight and work on explosiveness in their lifting technique. So go ahead and bench press heavy as hell to build your max strength. Then afterwards, do some plyometric pushups, or on a seperate lift day do some explosive bench presses.
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