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Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
It is limba, but Rashad was more danzed then gasses there. He didn't knew where he was.

You don't automatically gas out, you just lose your senses from being punched hard. He started doing the spanky leg or how is it called..

However that wasn't at all the case in the Shogun fight, cause it was clear as day that Shogun did not gas from that knee, cause like I told you before he was the same fighter after. The grappling exchange did it!

I really hope you still don't believe that this was the real Shogun limba..
My point is and always will be: when you get hit, you tend to lose it and even gas. And if one fighter gets rocked and then gasses, this normally applies to other fighters also. Especially when getting hit tagged, time and time again like Shogun. Whether that was the real Shogun or not, we will never know. I tend to think the truth is somewhere in the middle. I hope i'm gonna see Jones vs Shogun 2 one day.

But..back on topic: i don't believe Evans is a cardio machine. Like Mck said: GSP, Cain, Guida, Diaz, Diego, Fitch - those are cardio machines.

Rashad has medium cardio imo.

And i have Davis beating him by UD.
It's gonna be a wrestling match. This fight will look like BJ vs Fitch - but not as technical and with less BJJ involved.

If Evans loses this - he is done at LHW.
Might as well get ready for the MW division...



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