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Originally Posted by morninglightmt View Post
I think it's special because he's showing GSP how to do the kick correctly. We've seen GSP and other fighters throw these kicks before and they don't land with as much force because of improper technique. TKD may not be the best specialization to utilize in the octagon but I like the fact that fighters like GSP and Silva take the time to learn technique from so many disciplines of fighting, not just boxing, bjj, mt and wrestling.

but yea, saw this a while ago.

Except it seems sort of ridiculous when GSP has landed the kick, effectively and powerfully, at the highest level of combat competition. Perfect form isn't everything in MMA - effectiveness is.

But yep lots of fighters practice a ton of disciplines, one I've been surprised to learn most fighters practice is Capoeira. Alves, Anderson Silva, Junior dos Santos etc all practice it.


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