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Rashad's cardio is underrated these days. Much like his other abilities. Whoever said he gassed in his last two fights really needs to understand the difference between gassing and being hurt. In the Thiago Silva fight he set a very high pace from the get go and completely outgrappled the bigger Silva for a good 15 mins. After Rashad got rocked, he started talking to himself to regain his composure, hence why some may have saw is mouth open a little bit towards the end of the fight. He was in no way gassed. Was he maybe a lil tired? Probably, most fighters are by the end of the 3rd round, specially wrestlers. But was he tired to the point where he couldn't continue at a decent pace?? Hell ******* ******* no.

The Rampage fight is probably the best we have ever seen Rashad from a cardio stand point. Man could've went 5 rounds in tha fight if he wanted to. Please somebody tell me where he started to gas? Because unless i'm as blind as a bat, Rashad looked like an energiser bunny vs Rampage. He was breathing through his nose towards the end of the round, still had his hands up and was able to jump in and out of strikes with ease. All this at the end of the 3rd round...what's the evidence of him gassing there??

Anyways, unfortunately for Davis, Rashad's on a mission right now to end the reign of Bones. I respect Davis for taking on a tall order but Rashad is too complete a fighter these days for Davis to just go out and man handle. Davis won't dictate where the fight takes place this timebut his athleticism and strength may still give Rashad problem and make it a competitive fight. I expect Rashad to keep it standing and either strike to a uanimous decision witha a few TD's of his own. After that, Bones will have to step up.

You guys noticed a lot of newly crowned champs seem to get injured after their title win? Shogun after Machida, Cain after Lesnar and now Bones after Shogun. Champ curse I say..
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