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Originally Posted by Black_S15 View Post

what a way to discredit Frankie Edgar and his 2 wins against BJ, he beats BJ once, but the fan boys typically make the same old excuses, "BJ wasnt motivated, he didnt look the same".

rematch: BJ gets his ass handed to him, (much more convincely) , LOL and now you say he simply "chooses" not to beat Edgar...

get your head out of your bum mate
Ok...ok...without getting into a name calling match.

Think about this. BJ employed the same game plan against Edgar. He should have went for the clinch, takedowns and took him to the ground rather than try chasing him all 10 rounds. Edgar won fair and square, but it doesn't change my opinion nor the opinions' of the masses out there.

- would you say Edgar has better boxing than BJ Penn - no
- what about Jiu Jitsu - hell no
- kick boxing - maybe
- wrestling - yes
- cardio - definitely
- power - no

Bottomline Edgar is not as talented as BJ Penn, but he works harder and is a helluve a lot quicker. Plain and simple. Another point to think about. Can Edgar fight at WW and reach the success BJ has. No way Edgar beats Matt Hughes, or takes GSP to the distance. Can Edgar even last one round against Machida? What about Fitch...yah right. BJ beat (almost) arguably the second best WW fighter out there while Edgar almost lost to Gray Maynard who is a much smaller version of Fitch.

Basically you're a noobie kid who probably started watching UFC in the mid 2000's...I'm ahead of you by over a decade...and have probably seen 80% of all major MMA fights. SO...before you call out names be sure to back it up with facts.

My point all along was that BJ is far more talented than Edgar, but Edgar outworked em and deserved to win. Nothing more nothing less. If BJ is super focused like his fight against Diego Sanchez and especially against Matt Hughes x 3 then you get championship material.
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