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Originally Posted by Voiceless View Post
It's absolutely understandable. Losing always leaves a bad taste, but if you analyse your loss intelligently it will definitely make you stronger. Talk with your trainer/coach about your feeling and loss in confidence so he can better adjust your training to build it up again.

I wish you good luck with your next fight and fighting future.
I've got to take a week off to do my finals and shit. I feel like I'd already be on the rebound if I was back in training, but that's not possible at the moment. Thanks for your well-wishes nonetheless.

Originally Posted by Halfraq9 View Post
Hey Kin; Not a bad fight. You got caught, went down, and ate a few. Maybe an early stoppage, maybe not. Everyone shouts about their wins. It takes stones to post about your losses. Best of luck on your June fight.
I felt bad for talking about my golden gloves fight that I lot, after mentioning several times on the forum that I was going to do it. But again, without video, it didnt seem worth it to post a thread where I whine about how I came up short. Thanks for the well wishes, and I'll also have a kickboxing smoker may 22nd, so I should be getting busy real soon.

Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
That was awesome!! you fought for a belt in front of a crowd chanting the other guys name! You are a LIVING LEGEND of MMAF.

Great sportsmanship afterwards too. TOTAL WINNER.
Haha, I don't think I've reached legendary status yet... maybe if I string together enough pro wins or something. I'm def no Kamikaze or Iron Man.

And haha thanks man, I figure if I can't win I'd like to at least lose with dignity. Though, I don't think I can be a 'total winner' if I lost the fight...

Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
Nothing to be ashamed of kin. You looked awesome, just got caught. It happens to the best of them. I played sports all my life and am extremely competitive so I can understand why it eats at you. But use it as motivation instead of depression.

This doesn't take anything away from your skills bro. You are insanely talented.
Thanks man, I appreciate the compliment. Something that this has shown me is that there's a separation between my identity as a martial artist (the guy who's in the gym training) and as a fighter (the guy who actually steps in there). I used to think of them as one and the same, and in that regard I rated myself higher than Rico.*

But in that fight I made HUGE mistakes that I virtually never do in training. My hands were at my chest, I barely threw any punches with my kicks, and I didn't set up my kicks with punches. Even worse, I completely abandoned the gameplan, which was to stick and move, throw combinations, then take him down.

I've been so mad at myself for not performing how I do in training, but then I realized that who I see in that video is who I am as a fighter. Who I am in training, which is who I associate myself with, is who I am as a martial artist -- a separate entity than my competition identity. As I get more experienced in the ring, the lines between the two should become increasingly blurred. Until then, the difference between myself as a martial artist and myself as a fighter will be just as defined as the difference between pad work and sparring for a beginner.

So again, my plan to remedy this is to fight a LOT more and to just improve my skills so much that even if I fight like crap -- compared to how I spar/train -- it'll still be way more than anyone can handle.

** I now regard Rico as the superior fighter. At first I felt like I was better but just got caught, but that was me measuring myself as a martial artist against Rico as a fighter. If I weigh myself as a fighter, which is worth only what I can take in to the cage with me, then Rico is the better man for sure. <--- as if that wasn't obvious with the result of the fight.

Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
The link just takes me to FB, not to the video.
Hmm that's weird. Maybe it's because you're not signed in to a FB account?

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