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When he was young, I would have loved to see Kurt Angle attempt to make the crossover. Really, anyone who is an Olympic caliber wrestler who wants a career as an MMA fighter should be considered a serious potential talent. Those guys are phenomenal athletes, and certainly anyone who wins an Olympic gold medal in a sport like wrestling should be taken very, very seriously.

That said, Kurt is not young. He is not fresh out of the Olympics, a young guy who has time to learn the skills and employ the full scope of his athleticism as a serious MMA fighter.

I'm sure he's still in very good shape, but after a pretty serious history of neck injuries and a well-known history of performance-enhancing drug abuse, it's hard to see Angle competing. He's older, he would have to learn a lot of skills in a very short period of time and he isn't in his athletic prime.

Of course, I could be wrong. I am often skeptical of guys like this. I was, and am, skeptical of Herschel Walker (though much less than I am of Angle; Walker seems to me to be a much more versatile athlete and despite his medical history much more suited for MMA at this point in his life) and the older guys who have discussed crossing over.

That said, I don't think that Angle will ever cross over. I would love for him to fight Daniel Puder. But, realistically, Puder would destroy Kurt Angle in MMA (or submission grappling, for that matter) given that Puder is (a) much younger, (b) in much better shape, (c) has much more training and (d) has more experience in full contact and submission grappling situations. It's too bad, though, that the fight won't happen. I think it would be a fun draw and I would enjoy seeing Puder's performance.

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