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IronMan is 100% spot on, as always.

Originally Posted by Alex_DeLarge_V2 View Post
Just curious but what makes you say he would never make the transition? Not today where the guy is older, has had surgeries, body beaten down, I mean earlier in time. What makes you say this?

Hate to break the fickle MMA fans around the world, but MMA fighters aren't a "special" breed. Just about anyone who wants to do it can get up, train it, and do it. Just because the guy is a professional wrestler doesn't make him inferior to the almighty MMA world.
There is no way to say who can and can't make the transition, it's purely a mental thing. I'm told quiet a bit I should consider fighting, but I just can't do it. I have enough skills, I believe, to be a quality fighter but it's just not for me. I however have trained with very good fighters that don't have any of the pure skills I've seen from non-fighters, but they can win and can lose and keep going because it's what they want. Fighting is NOT a hobbie.

So yes, Angle at a time had a great foundation to get into MMA but to say he could have or couldn't have made it is impossible to tell. Look at Brock, sure he has the skills to win(As we've seen) but if you can't get hit you can't fight. There are just too many factors to call it black and white whether Angle would have made it.

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