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Originally Posted by METALLICA_RULES View Post
I don't blame him for going to pro wrestling though. Wrestling was at the height of its popularity when he joined and MMA was a sinking ship. Now it's kinda the opposite.
I'm no wrestling fan, but it is hardly a sinking ship. It's no where near where MMA once was. Wrestling is just influx right now, it's happened several times over the history of the WWE. It lacks great wrestlers and big names, it just needs to restock and it will be back. While it's true it will most likely be harder to do that because a lot of would be wrestlers are going to MMA it will still happen. The WWE is not going bankrupt any time soon, it still makes a lot of money. But boxing is having the same problem, while it's more promoters that have killed the sport, they are always having a harder and harder time finding new fighters for the same reason. But either way, neither is going anywhere any time soon, because there are always people who will want to box or wrestle over MMA, the same way people chose to get into MMA when it was dying.

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