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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
So yes, Angle at a time had a great foundation to get into MMA but to say he could have or couldn't have made it is impossible to tell. Look at Brock, sure he has the skills to win(As we've seen) but if you can't get hit you can't fight. There are just too many factors to call it black and white whether Angle would have made it.
I'm not saying whether he would or wouldn't have made it. It's these people that know for a fact he wouldn't be able to cut it when that's a complete horse shit thing to say.

Not only would Angle have had a great pedigree to start out with, but if he did train MMA in his prime, you're talking about one of the most established college and olympic wrestlers in history AND not to mention a hard nose son of a bitch. He won gold medals with a broken neck for crying out loud. If that doesn't say he would have had the mental capacity to train MMA, I don't know what would. Doing that with a broken neck is tougher than anything Jeremy Stephens does on a regular basis.

I'm not saying he would have been the greatest fighter of all time or even get to the UFC level, but damn if he had the potential.

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