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Originally Posted by VinceD
I dont think that you will get any serious answers bro. Where are you located at?
Portland Oregon. I know it's comical to ask on an MMA forum, but it's worth a try. The larger your search, no matter how remote, the better ones chance of finding something they are seeking.

The trouble is I don't know the area, at all. Or people in that shit.

The reason isn't because "I wunna be a tuff d00d who plays fighter".

It's because I'd like to find free, full contact sparring.

I know most gyms won't let you spar or whatever for quite a while, but I'm in a place where I feel I'd hold up fine against non pros etc. The problem is I don't have a "formal" training resume.

I've thought about checking into my college's wrestling team as a "sparring partner". They get someone to practice on, you practice wrestling. I've heard many colleges do things like that.

I just want something that is real combat.

Oh, if you didn't notice, I don't have money for a gym. haha, I know Team Quest (Henderson, Couture, Lindland, etc) is within 15 minutes of here. but no cash.
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