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Thai Session

I was unable to get to the gym until 7, my instructor was at our track nearby.

I worked on some high intensity drills: 1 lap at high pace, jog, high pace, jog.

after the mile warm-up I stretched off, and got some good instruction on some new stretches from the instructor.

I had tried a conceptual stretch: I have no idea what you could call it, but the best name I can think of is a "J stretch" basically you lie on your back and the only part of your body that is touching the ground is your shoulders the top... with your feet straight behind you.

I was asking him about the effectiveness of this and he mentioned that I should roll off on a left or right angle to simulate the triangle choke attack.

My application is to extend my feet far enough back that they touch the ground behind me and constrict my core as tight as possible while controlling my breath-rate.

On my first attempt I held the stretch for 90-seconds and damn was it hard to breath. I think the stretch will be a good one to condition my mind to the dangers of choke attacks even though it is a stretch that restricts the ease of breathing.
After I stretched off, went for another mile but jogged it this time. After this was done I gave my instructor a ride back to the gym where we had a 1 on 1 session in several kicks and knee attacks.

The first strike I learned was a side heel kick: The basic stance for a left heel strike was your left foot "my lead" was pointed directly at the target, and I was looking away from my target almost...with my right foot to my rear. You take the right foot and slide it to the heel or close to the striking heel as you are chambering the striking foot with your quad muscle pointed towards the floor like you would be doing in a standing quad-stretch then you launch the left.

I love the practical side to this kick, the instructor had me working on low and mid heel kicks. Once I got the hang of it I threw 3-4 slow good technique kicks I would do 5 quicker kicks and go back and go slow again.

After the heel kick, we worked on knee strikes. I picked up on the technique quickly and was cracking the thai pad viciously.
After working on the knees we progressed on to the thai roundhouse.

I love how my instructor shows you every little painful part of each strike/move....but he decided to show me a pressure point near the knee no issue just to show a point.

He actually applied a pressure attack the dropped me to the floor. The point was to show where he wants me to strike the leg with a roundhouse.

Once he finnished his mini discussion we went on to strike drilling.

I threw 10-15 kicks and he broke off and showed me how to generate more power. I chastised some kid the other day standing flat-footed when he threw the roundhouse...I stand partially corrected now.

Basically you want to step off with the planted foot and rotate it left or right at a 35- degree angel so it opens the hips more. After I got that down I made the thai pads crack like hell!

It was great!....After that mini drill he had me work on rapid kicks like the ones you see in highlight reels for training.

I ended up doing 3 sets of 15 strikes then he stopped me and had his wife come over and I went and did another set of 15.

during the whole process of kick drills/instruction he was extremely impressed with my raw power. The most comical part of the night was when my instructor told his wife to look at my right shin and noted how red it was...

I don't mind it doesn't hurt haha!

As we were putting the equipment away, I asked him if I could use him as a dummy for a moment and worked on some elbow strikes:

Right now my drill on elbow strikes is to grab the bag and have my chest against the bag and push out and throw the elbow. He showed me how to work it more efficiently.

I don't mind sharing this "I love how you are so smart and intelligent, and how you ask about everything." I cannot say enough about my instructor!

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