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Holy shiiiiit

Went in early for a new small MMA Class. Did ground and pound techniques, breaking the guard then stacking the legs, pinching your knees around their legs and squating as you pound, then pass. After the pass we did a cradle and from there go to knee on belly and pound, or step a leg inbetween theirs and trap their bottom arm back for joyous ground and pounding. A few other things too...d'arce chokes all over the place. I'm going to find a d'arce dvd to review these, because they never fully made sense until today, and I think if I build on them I could have a good weapon for alot of positions that I'm not as offensive in.

BJJ Class X 2
Lots of warmups and drills and grip fighting. Techniques were d'arces when someone passes your guard, d'arces when someone moves from side control to north south, escapes from armbars, preventing the mount from knee on belly. Lots of good rolls today, I pwned a big white belt quite thoroughly, with armbars, triangles, omoplata sweeps, spider guard...just everything. I had a tough roll with Brian, the brown belt instructor and got tapped twice but held my own decently, taking his back by the end of the round. Lost a short round to a purple cranking a side control on me. A few other rolls but nothing else really to report. I'm ultra spaced out right now.

Muay Thai

Yeah, that's right. I did 4x hour long classes back to back today. Warm up shit, punch kick combos on the shield most of the class, Squat + Kicks pyramid drill at the end.

Damn today was good.

Bodyweight is 201lbs today. That's pretty much all the dieting I needed to do already done way ahead of schedule, so I'm bumping my calories up 300 again to hopefully maintain where I am, maybe lean out another 1-2.
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