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Originally Posted by Sambo de Amigo View Post
You can still get a draw in a 5 round fight , but the chances are slim so good idea.

Also he has a gripe with Football/Soccer because of a tie/draw ?

LOL its an essential part of a league format in which you eanr a point for a draw and if the game ends up 5-5 how can that not be exciting regardless of the result.

some peoples logic.
I never expect Americans to fully understand football/soccer. Its not anything personal. Its all to with the media.

As for this new rule. I like it. Even if it doesn't work out at least Dana and the UFC are always looking to improve the sport which doesn't always happen in other sports. Every sport in way is evolving what with the technoligical advances we are seeing daily. In MMA though, we have a sport devoid of coruption. Theres nothing and nobody blocking the development of this sport. Unlike in football,boxing etc.
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