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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Again. Its nothing personal, I just don't think the majority of Americans don't 'get' football like the rest of the world. The same way, I don't really get Baseball (glorified rounders), American football (Fake rugby) and basketball. Well I get basketball, its awesome.

Its all to do with the media and how the sports are portrayed in different countries. You may have "tons of soccer" but in alot of countries like Brazil, most of European countries, football is life. Apologies for the off topicness but needed to reply.
Well it definitely isn't life for most americans, but we do have pockets slavering, insane soccer fans The Timbers fans from here in Portland have emulated european fans to the point of beating the shit out of opposing team fans during away games. Property was damaged, arrests were made. good times were had!

I'll agree that they are nowhere near as common in the states though.

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