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MacDonald takes the decision:

Round 1 - Both fighters in a low stance and pawing their jab. MacDonald misses with a couple high kicks. Diaz starts to taunt and immediately gets tagged with some low kicks. Diaz continues to paw and takes low kicks. MacDonald avoids his lunging punches and circles. MacDonald throws a front kick. Diaz catches a head kick but eats a quick follow-up punch before clinching against the cage. Diaz lands a couple nice shots and clinches again. Diaz throws some shoulder strikes from the clinch before getting the action to the mat. They're quickly back up, though. MacDonald goes high with a kick again. It doesn't land, but the following superman punch does. MacDonald lands a low kick and then a body kick as Diaz looks to time him. MacDonald fires off another body kick. Diaz starts to taunt, and the crowd lets him hear it. MacDonald throws another body kick, Diaz checks it, and they clinch. MacDonald puts him against the cage as the jockey for position. They then trade knees while still clinched, and MacDonald breaks away. Diaz lands some lunging punches and then shoots for a single leg. MacDonald remains upright and uses the cage for leverage. Diaz remains on him tightly, but they break away and reset. MacDonald looks for low kicks, but the round ends. scores it 10-9 for MacDonald.

Round 2 - MacDonald lands a superman punch but is counters. They clinch, and MacDonald puts him against the cage. MacDonald creates distance and resets. "F*$# you, Diaz!" chants begin. Diaz becomes the aggressor with body shots and shoots. MacDonald sprawls, and Diaz presses him into the fencing while looking for the trip takedown. MacDonald, though, gets the leverage and puts Diaz on his back and fires punches before he's back up. They clinch in the center of the cage, and MacDonald gets the takedown. Diaz looks to control wrists before standing and popping Diaz with a right as he gets back up. The clinch again in the center and MacDonald breaks with a nice shot. Diaz stalks and lands a nice overhand right before pressing his opponent into the fence. MacDonald ducks under a punch and shoots. Diaz reverses the position and puts the Canadian against the cage while looking for knees to the legs. Diaz scores trip takedown, but MacDonald quickly hops back up. MacDonald lands a nice left-jab/low-kick combo. Diaz comes in swinging wide, but MacDonald's quicker to the punch. They clinch again, and Diaz looks for the takedown before resetting. MacDonald moves in with a flying knee that misses. MacDonald grabs a single leg but gives it up. scores it 10-9 for MacDonald.

Round 3 - Both paw their jabs early. MacDonald throws a body kick that's mostly blocked. Diaz looks a front kick and lunging punch, but MacDonald is just quicker to the draw. They clinch against the cage, and MacDonald pins Diaz into the fencing before dragging him to the mat. Diaz eats a knee on the way back up, and then MacDonald picks him and sends him airborne with a takedown and then another with big height. The crowd loves it and begins stomping their feet. MacDonald looks to deliver punches from the top and then stands over his opponent. Diaz tries to grab a leg, but MacDonald pops him with punches before following him to the mat. Diaz is back up, but he's tossed down like a ragdoll once again. Diaz is back up, undeterred, and pins MacDonald into the cage while wrapping the hips. MacDonald reverses, and they jockey for position before resetting. Diaz shoots for a single leg, and MacDonald collapses on top of him. Diaz is back up, grabs a leg and looks for the trip. MacDonald fights it off and then scores a quick takedown of his own. Diaz works butterfly guard, and MacDonald eventually stands to drop short punches. They then become harder and draw blood. MacDonald mixes in more punches, avoids an upkick, and then stifles Diaz's attempt to get back up. Diaz is up before the round ends, but this fight is all MacDonald. scores it 10-9 for MacDonald in a 30-27 sweep. Rory MacDonald def. Nate Diaz via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-26)

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