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Originally Posted by Mirage445 View Post
A lot of people are hating on Segal lately...

I don't understand why it's so hard to believe that he may have a better way of doing a certain technique, especially considering he's been doing various forms of martial arts since he was a kid, and he's pretty up there now.

Is it because he was in a bunch of hokey martial arts movies filled with bad acting? I wonder how people would react if it were Bruce Lee in his shoes.
Well, yes, the 'hokey martial atrs movies' don't help. Although, if you look at the techniques he uses in his later movies, they're very valid. Lots of joints locks and throws, not so much high kicks, and super-speed hands.

I rather doubt he even 'modified' the front kick. He just went against current convention wisdom. These days, in sports fighting, the front kick is the teep. It doesn't end fights, it just lets the opponent know he might pay a price for trying to come throught the front door.

Two of the best stand-up guys in the world took the risk of going right for the chin, a takedown waiting to hapen if they miss, or the opponent blocks it. What happens if Evans or Koscheck or Lesna or Mendes or ... I could go on and on and on. it's bad for ALL of them. It's a high risk move. You need to have elite kicks AND elite defense off your back to make it worth the risk. There are very few of those guys. If you are one, go for it, because your opponent didn't train to defend it.
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