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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
I was very impressed with the kick, but let's think things out rationally... Randy Couture, much as I love and respect him, is pushing 50 and was fighting his retirement fight. Why does Lyoto somehow now merit title talk when he was schooled by Rua twice, and just lost to Rampage? How does that work? To be in the mix, you have to actually beat guys who are, well... in the mix!

The fact is, Randy beating Lyoto is a lot more impressive than Lyoto beating Randy, purely because of where Randy is in life. A young Machida beating a 50 year old Couture is what it is. A 50 year old Couture beating a young Machida is something else entirely... it's been that way with Randy for the longest time now. It's called not only defeating your opponents, but defeating Father Time on top of it all.

Machida picking up a win was certainly a step in the right direction, and sending Couture out like he did will have people talking again. But the truth is, until he can beat your Jacksons and your Ruas, Lyoto Machida shouldn't be talked about as a potential number one contender. There are at least two guys in the UFC LHW division who are ahead of him right now, though I won't delude myself into thinking this is actually how title shots always work.

Machida vs. Rua III would be telling. I'd have that fight on tap, and would have Rashad facing Forrest as opposed to Phil Davis. All that aside, Machida was classy as always, and I look forward to seeing where he goes from here.
I was not suggesting that Lyoto get a title shot based on beating Randy. He just deserves a lot more respect than he has been given recently. He is a top 5 fighter, no doubt. He just got a bit off track. To me, he didn't lose his last 3 fights. He lost one as far as I am concerned. Then, all of a sudden in many eyes he was garbage and should be cut if he loses to Couture. I think having to fight Randy, at this stage of Randy's career, was kind of an insult to Machida's ability. Randy was never going to win this fight. Randy ten years ago, different story. I think it was obvious to many that Randy was going to get hurt in this fight, and he was as he was totally overmatched.
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