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This would be fight of the damn year. It's impossible for Nick Diaz to be involved in a boring fight, therefore we're pretty much guaranteed it can't be boring (gsp not in a boring fight?! Diaz is the solution).

Diaz would push St-Pierre in every way
Diaz is not a gentleman, is not respectful, and will not go through interviews patronizing everyone by saying he “respects” GSP’s skills. He will get in his face, be an ******, push his buttons, and instigate. I think GSP needs that, someone to light a fire in him because ever since he beat BJ Penn in their second fight, he’s been on cruise control. Diaz will push not just his body, but his mind as well.

I honestly think this is an intriguing match up and have thought that for some time.

If we break down the skills:

Striking/Boxing - Nick Diaz takes this. If you think GSP is going to out strike Diaz at this point, then you are honestly kidding yourselves. Diaz' combination punching is on another level. I'm really excited to see how GSP deals with Diaz' over whelming pressure and combination punching on the feet.

BJJ - Nick takes this. Slick, varied submissions from his back, always active and always aggressive.

Wrestling - GSP with ease, no explanation necessary. Although I do feel Nicks wrestling is highly under rated.

GSP has the strength advantage and the over all athleticism advantage too here.

GSP's top control is on another level, but I was shocked at how Georges' wanted no part of Shields ground game when he took him down. Shields has never been impressive from his back, yet GSP wanted no part of it.

GSP's wrestling and top control would probably be too much for Diaz to handle, but this has all the potential to be a great fight.
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