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This fight was awesome...minus Joe's commentary . I completely agree that something (sickness/weight cut) slowed Aldo down. Look at the Faber fight. He went the entire fight without any problems.

What was funny to me was the prefight comments by Hominick. He said that Aldo had never faced a fighter with his elite level of striking. That, to me, is like Shields saying that GSP has never faced anyone with his elite level of wrestling. Just comical. Then, a gassed Aldo was still avoiding 80% of Hominicks shots with head movement alone. It brought me back to Silva vs. Forrest fight. Loved it.

I only wish that Aldo was bigger so we could have a fight between him and either Jones or Silve. Would be an incredibly fun stand up war.

And on a side note, Hominick deserved his monster FOTN bonus for that mass on his forehead alone

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