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I don't really see a significance in strikes though. I would like to do more of a hybrid and somehow mix Muay Thai and BJJ in a good way that teaches both ground-fighting/grappling and stand-up strikes. I could do boxing and BJJ but boxing doesn't do any kicking and kickboxing doesn't get advanced as Muay Thai with the more advanced strikes... I wish I could do both but they are very different. I'm so stuck and have no clue what to do.

I just looked at best combinations and it said Muay Thai and BJJ are good but I thought it wasn't reccomended that two be learned at the same time... It also said to find an academy that mixes all together but I didn't think you can mix two forms of martial arts together... I thought Muay Thai and wrestling would be a good combination but then there is the ground clinching which is what BJJ does. I just need the best two skills that get a good balance between standup, clinch, and ground. I really want to do Muay Thai but I want to be able to do good on the ground too.

I really am getting interested in Muay Thai and Wrestling. Is wrestling anything like BJJ in the forms they teach you?

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