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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Couldn't care less. I only care about legitimacy of the belts. MMA is still too fresh to be fecking up the WW division by cutting out the champion. By the same token, I dont really want Silva moving up to LHW permanently. These two guys make the WW and MW belts mean something. Winning the belt off one of these guys would legitimize the challenger as a REAL champion.

I bet every single WW out there wants GSP to stay at WW. I bet every single MW out there wants Silva top of the pile as well. Those are the opinions that mean anything to me. Not the fans. Not Danas. Not the TV stations.
Words of wisdom from *The Ridiculous* himself.

The sport (UFC) needs at least 2 divisions to have champions like Anderson and/or GSP. It adds more credibility.

The belts actually mean something.
The contenders in these divisions have a clear goal: beat that guy who is going for legendary status.

GSP went through the same exact things when he was a young up-and-coming fighter. The WW division was run by that guy called Matt Hughes, the same fighter who was the 1st to defeat "Rush".
That Hughes who looked unstoppable after becoming WW champion.

It gave GSP something to think about and helped him become the fighter he is today. He came back and defeated Hughes - twice.

He became *the new owner* of the WW division.
And now he is the's just that his opponents haven't figured out how to beat him yet.

When Matt Hughes was prime - he was the standard every other WW fighter was judged on.
Now, that fighter is GSP.

In 15 years time, when fans will look behind on how the UFC's divisions unfolded, they will realise what GSP's and Anderson's reigns over their divisions really meant.



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