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Originally Posted by MRBRESK View Post
Dude you've really been hating on GSP since 129.. Everything I see you writing about him has been negative! The man is in your "fighters i like" section.

I'm not saying that i like him, i'm a huge Anderson fan.. but i appreciate what he can do, i just feel like he limits himself far too much since Serra..

Messed up eye or not, he was not impressive against Shields, Jake is meant to have the worst standup in the WW division and he was barely exposed.
I appreciate the fighter that became champion at one time. I lost respect for GSP a while ago.

Switch back GSP to his less developed self of a few years ago and we would have seen a fighter looking to and probably getting a finish with a 1-2-3-4-5-6 fists, kicks, knees, superman punches combos. Now it's jab and back-off. Then... wait for it, clock is ticking down, takedown, DING.

That's not they type I root for.

I hope Shields get's Condit rematch... he was an inexperienced baby last time they fought, now he's a well-rounded fighter who I can root for. Both are for that matter over GSP.
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