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Hey guys, the gym was open and running again finally...after too bloody long.

We warmed up with 10 one-hundred yard sprints, 5 x 30-second standing tire press, 5 x 30 second upends, a ladder of 10-8-6-4 of tire upends, a tire drag race for 25-yards x 3, and a tire upend race for 25-yards x 3.

I was feeling like total .... after the warmup not only due to just the fact it was brutal...but I earlier today I had given plasma.

I didn't do too horrid on the sprints, out of 4 including me I averaged 2nd and 3rd and a few 1st places.

I will tell you totally hate the standing tire press and tire upends with a passion...

I was able to out pace my nemesis johnny in the tire drag race! I beat his ass 2 out of 3 times by half the length.

I found if you lean back and explode backwards it makes it quick work on the last run he won by half length.

On the tire-upend race I couldn't keep up with him at all my explosive power was shot for the night on each of the 3 runs.

When it came to start the jitsu portion of the class, I went on a all-comers mode the instructor had me roll with the 3 guys in the gym 4 rolls each then they went at each other 4x while I rested and hopped in once and awhile.

All of the rolls started on our knees "as a disclaimer"

I nearly had a beautiful sweep on john on the 1st roll, but he stuffed it and eventually emerged the victor.

I had my first taste of rolling with a man who outweighed me other than my instructor....jerry stands around 6'1" or so and weighed around 290 pounds which is roughly 110 heavier than I.

One of the rolls he cranked hard on a armbar and it is tweaked now on my left elbow. No worries I just didn't tap quick enough.

One of the next rolls with him, I was in the turtle position and I fell sideways a little and my right hand tapped the mat like a "tap-out" he asks "did you tap" I yelled back hell no and tried to gain the momentum by an explosive pushup from the turtle and accidentally cracked his chin with an elbow from my right.

I was happy with my progress on being able to stuff some of mike's attacks on me...I rolled in and out and got out of a back mount numerous times tonight, only to roll back to the turtle or to the mat.

One our final roll together he had secured a back mount but hadn't got the rear-naked in yet...I decided you're going to pay for this and I literally got myself from the "turtle" to a staggered lunge stance and squatted both me and him vertically and did a backwards body slam with him anchored on my back. I didn't realize it until long after but I had done a explosive 325 pound squat on the mats!

That is one hell of a huge squat when I only have 80-pounds of weight for my cardio/power circut and 180 pounds of body weight.

After all the rolling was done the guys were working on various things with the instructor, I asked johnny to show me how he won his first fight and asked for some tips on escaping through the back-door from a disadvantaged full-mount. After the guys left I worked 1 on 1 with the instructor on some rear-naked chokes...I love the man but my neck hates him right now haha.

I'll be trying to head back thursday and friday, I hope to go light thursday and go heavy on friday.

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