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Originally Posted by HD209458B View Post
LOL what have you been smoking? do you seriously think GSP is better than Anderson Silva or Jon Jones?
If GSP is soo good, why can't he finish fights like other UFC champions? maybe cos he doesn't have phenomenal striking or submission skills.
I want the Super Fight(Anderson Silva vs GSP), its long overdue only cos GSP is avoiding it.. GSP is so overrated, boring and biggest chicken in UFC.
Horrible post, not going to bother wasting time arguing with you.

Originally Posted by Steroid Steve View Post
smh... Come on, man...
Originally Posted by Sekou View Post
LOL....calm down there, little trooper....
Originally Posted by meli083 View Post
Funniest thing I've heard all day.
I know what I'm talking about. I do think GSP can beat every middle weight. Anderson Silva isn't even one he has to worry too much about. It's guys like Okami and Sonnen he needs to worry about. Bigger stronger wrestlers would be the ones who threaten him most.

In LHW GSP can still beat plenty of them. "WHAT! Even though the fighter is smaller he can still win!?"

Yes he can. GSP would beat all the LHW's who were bad wrestlers. He would take them down very easily and and win by submission or decision. Don't you guys think he would beat guys like Houston Alexander, Bonner, Thiago Silva, probably even Randy Couture and Shogun? I know I do.

And for the HW's... He would beat Kongo at least. There's plenty of HW's he would beat by taking them down over and over and outscoring on the feet. I think he actually matches up very well against Big Nog. He's big, slow, and has bad stand up. GSP would outscore him on the feet for sure. I don't think he would be able to take GSP down, but GSP could take him down. That may be a bad Idea though.

So that's what I think. I don't feel like checking this thread a ton so if you agree with me then back me up.
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