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Originally Posted by diablo5597 View Post
I know what I'm talking about. I do think GSP can beat every middle weight. Anderson Silva isn't even one he has to worry too much about.

In LHW GSP can still beat plenty of them.

And for the HW's... He would beat Kongo at least. There's plenty of HW's he would beat by taking them down over and over and outscoring on the feet. I think he actually matches up very well against Big Nog. He's big, slow, and has bad stand up. GSP would outscore him on the feet for sure. I don't think he would be able to take GSP down, but GSP could take him down.
LOL x Googolplex..
I knew this dude was serious, typical GSP nuthuggers think GSP is some kind of God. You have to be dumber than Benny Hinn follower to think GSP is that good.
If GSP is that good, how come he is too scared to face Anderson Silva?

Originally Posted by diablo5597 View Post
GSP would beat all the LHW's who were bad wrestlers. He would take them down very easily and and win by submission or decision.
Win by submission? riight.. he couldn't even submit Hardy.
Might as well say GSP can KO all the top HW in the world.
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