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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
obviously you dont know what potential means, falcao is a born killer, and rocha would sub everyone at welterweight given the right amount of time on the ground,macdonald is a beast child, and stann is a very big mw wiht good hands and wrestling.
Obviously you don't want to discuss reality. Carlos Rocha couldn't even sub Jake Ellenberger, what point is there in bringing him in to the conversation with GSP. He's what, 3 or 4 fights away from even worrying about it, and that's if he WINS those, but who knows, it's pure speculation. You want to project him as the future champion based on a win over Kris McCray and some failed sub attempts on Jake Ellenburger? It's asinine.

Falcao I'll grant you has a lot of potential but much of the same argument applies. Unless you have been scouring the internet for all his fights against B-level opponents in Brazil, there isn't a lot to watch on him. The times he's fought a truly good striker, Fabio Maldonado, he's lost by TKO both times. And so far his first UFC fight, aside from some boxing in the first round, against a guy with below average standup, was an amazingly boring fight. For a guy who is "a born killer", where was his killer instinct against Gerald Harris? His performance in round 3 of that fight was in my opinion JUST as bad Kalib Starnes infamous running man impression against Nate Quarry.
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