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Originally Posted by morninglightmt View Post
Obviously you don't want to discuss reality. Carlos Rocha couldn't even sub Jake Ellenberger, what point is there in bringing him in to the conversation with GSP. He's what, 3 or 4 fights away from even worrying about it, and that's if he WINS those, but who knows, it's pure speculation. You want to project him as the future champion based on a win over Kris McCray and some failed sub attempts on Jake Ellenburger? It's asinine.
Dude, Morning, you're being a little harsh. Jake wanted nothing to do with Rocha's ground game after taking it to the mat and getting put in precarious positions. Though Rocha's stand-up is pretty awful, and it would take some fierce training to get it up to snuff, but if he were to get it to a level of just being respectable, he'll be wicked dangerous. I think that's what OWNS is getting at -- he's looking forward (a few fights ahead). If Rocha somehow manages to get that striking developed, look out. Granted, right now he is too one dimensional to be a top contender.

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