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Originally Posted by SigFig View Post
Dude, Morning, you're being a little harsh. Jake wanted nothing to do with Rocha's ground game after taking it to the mat and getting put in precarious positions. Though Rocha's stand-up is pretty awful, and it would take some fierce training to get it up to snuff, but if he were to get it to a level of just being respectable, he'll be wicked dangerous. I think that's what OWNS is getting at -- he's looking forward (a few fights ahead). If Rocha somehow manages to get that striking developed, look out. Granted, right now he is too one dimensional to be a top contender.
He keeps bringing up Rocha like he's a contender and he clearly is not. He is 1 and 1 in the UFC coming off a loss to a wrestler far less skilled than GSP who dictated where the fight went. A year or 2 down the road? maybe? There's guys right now in the title picture, bringing Rocha in to the conversation with them is absurd. He hasn't beaten anyone yet!

I just did a search for UFC_OWNS and Rocha.

gsp has diaz,story,ellnburger,macdonald,condit and rocha if he gets better stand up.
a big if

diaz and condit will give gsp a fight and i think ellenburger and a rocha with striking would too
maybe BJ Penn with a katana would give GSP problems as well

bj penn and eduardo rocha are the 2 guys who will end the wrestlers reign of terror on the welterweight division, hopefully nate diaz does too.
This is hilarious because it was posted 2/25 after Rocha lost to a wrestler.

Edit. I just looked up Ellenberger. He's a bluebelt. Fwiw
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