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Originally Posted by Machida Karate View Post
Cute introduction, and Welcome , if you need any info on the site or about MMA just PM me.

Just leave good quality posts and you make friends here quick
Thanks, I'll be sure to. ;D

Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
Welcome to the forum man Don't worry about being young, your introduction was very well written and you sound mature. You looking to enter a few Amateur fights soon? (I'm not sure if the age limits apply to Ammy fights?)

Who are your favourite fighters?

And the big question, what's your all time favourite MMA fight?

Good luck with your training man and enjoy your stay here. Any questions shoot any of the staff a PM.
Thanks bro. ^.^
And yeah I'm looking to enter and compete regularly. My favourite fighters have to be:

1. GSP - Some people say his fighting style is boring, but his sheer dominance is something interesting to watch and to learn from. I also admire his devotion to each individual art he partakes in and not taking a crash course in MMA.

2. Brock Lesnar - Not many people like him due to his sheer arrogance etc... However, you can't argue with the fact he is an interesting fighter to watch. His charisma recognised foremost in the WWE transitioned over with him into MMA. People questioned whether he could transition into the UFC with a sole wrestling background, it just goes to show that if your dominant in one sport then anything can happen.

3. Dan Hardy - It's interesting, I started watching the UFC due to him. He has a strong base in Muay Thai which got me interested and the sheer volume of his charisma and image caught me. He has that likeable arrogance about him and he has a very stubborn mental and physical attitude, just take a look at the GSP - Dan Hardy fight: GSP landed countless submission holds and Dan did not tap, after the fight GSP asked Hardy if he was double jointed or something and Dan Hardy replied "it's all in the mind".

My favourite MMA fight has to be any of Alistair Overeem's fights, as they are all entertaining and educating, but if I had to choose one it would be Lesnar's debut. He simply dominated his opponent and eventually forced him to tap by way of strikes (ground and pound).
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