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Originally Posted by JoAnn Smotherma View Post
1. What kind of training or schooling is needed to be successfull as a UFC fighter?
I assume you mean MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Fighter, not UFC. (Like the difference between Boxing, and one particular brand of boxing promoter).

It is difficult to give an exact figure, but I would say that to be getting paid enough to live on, from scratch, you would need 3 years of full time dedicated training, which depending on the gym/dojo/whatever would cost between $100/month - $400/month in tuition.

Originally Posted by JoAnn Smotherma View Post
2. What is the median income for a UFC fighter? I know that this question varies a great deal, I'm looking for a decent estimation of a median income for someone that has talent and puts a respectible amount of time and energy into training.
Once again i'm going to assume MMA, not UFC, as there are a very limited number of UFC fights available, and even if you have been successful for years you might never get the chance.

So a Median (Not mean) income for a successful MMA fighter, which would include teaching/coaching part time, I would say would be around $24,000-$30,000.

This is honestly just an educated guess, as there are many variables. From my experience in Melbourne Australia, there are very very few full-time fighters whose sole income is derived from fighting (and teaching) alone.

One thing you might want to consider is that it is a rapidly expanding market and these figures will likely be more favourable to the fighters after a few years, and at the same time become more competitive.
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