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Private Class with Kajan!

Can't describe how awesome it is to work with Kajan. Above and beyond any other training I get, and just an awesome role model and coach.

Warmup run, acrobatics, mma shadowboxing 3 rounds, techniques were all wrestling based. Sprawling on a double leg, as they penetrate for the take down, the forearm nearest their head and the same side hip twist their head to the center, other hand wizzers as you sprawl out. From there we learned to control by cupping the chin with the wizzer hand in the armpit, forearms in tight against them, not flared out. Hips are sprawled low but make sure your weight is on them, not the mat, feet are on the mat to the sides, not on your toes for maximum sprawl pressure. From there we learned to yank with this grip to drag them out, then the chin hand reaches to their but to prevent their escape as you come around to the back. Nearest leg either staples their nearest leg, or alternatively you attach that leg directly to their nearest and lean in for more pressure. Pound from here, look for opening and you can take back or trap an arm and roll them into side. More wrestling technique - Defending the single leg, immediately wizzer, grabbing your own leg, spin leg out of their grip and step outside them, leaning in to use their body in place of your trapped leg. Grap a wrist with free hand, still holding the wizzer, should be hopped around to facing the same direction as them, then a big kick out to free the leg. Alternatively from here you can sprawl sideways pushing the whizzer hard to the floor.

Positional sparring. Turtled with them sprawled over you and vice versa, standing with a single leg trapped, stuck against a wall with them in on a double leg. Did decently in the sparring.

Then MMA sparring, just two rounds. **** I was tired. Did okay but wish I'd been better. Armbarred the guy in the first but was taken down too easily a couple times. You know how hard it is to work your guard tangled in ropes, wearing heavy shin guards and 16oz gloves? Ugly.

Going to think about how I can drastically change my training in these next 3-4 weeks leading up to the fight. I want shorter overall duration, but higher intensity. I want shadowboxing, bagwork, pads at 3:00 full intensity with sprawls and shooting for takedowns. Sprints. Heavy sparring. Wrestling.
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