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Originally Posted by Tabares View Post
mi' lord maybe he is already satisfied in mw ..lyoto is there in lhw also lil nog.hes also growing old now.its good to finish his career as a mw champ (i hope so).
SO why is it ok for Anderson to be satisfied fighting at MW but not ok for GSP at WW?

Originally Posted by Samin00 View Post
What about the fact that GSP has lost and AS hasn't?
Ask anybody and they would say that a guy who has never lost in the ufc is more dominant than a guy who has lost 2 times

(Serra ).
To me its easy to say GSP lost and not examine it further but lets be honest here, First off GSP was fighting in the UFC 2 years earlier. The loss to Hughes was a long ass time ago and Anderson was losing more fights early in his career against lesser competition. GSP has lost two fights in his career. One in his 8th career fight in 2004 against the greatest WW alive at that point bar none and the second he got caught in a flash knock out by a punch nobody on earth was expecting. Its fine to say GSP has lost but Anderson has lost more fights in his career and unlike GSP Anderson has never avenged those losses. GSP came back and completely dominated and outclassed Hughes and Serra. Anderson has yet to avenge any of his losses.

Anderson has lost 12.5% of his fights in his career while GSP has only lost 8%. Statistically Anderson loses one and a half as many fights. Mostly trivial meaningless numbers but just trying to show I can make them look like what ever I want to as well.

The guy who has lost a fight on a fluke and came back and destroyed him and then outclassed everyone he has fought is more dominant IMO than the guy who has lost numerous rounds and even been completely dominated before stealing a win.

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