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i would say its silva, but GSP is a very close second, many are talking about GSP making his opponents look like rookies but what about silva?

maia is a legit MW and he played with him in a way no1 can, belfort is ALWAYS a dangerous and tough opponent who had never been KOed and silva KOs him in the 1st round easily, first ever to do that, franklin was dominating at MW and silva destroyed him without breaking a sweat, leben had never been stopped and anderson stopped him in the 1st also, griffin, a former UFC LHW champ, a guy who gives EVERY LHW a hell of a tough time was schooled like no other fighter in the history of the sport, a former LHW champ with wins over rampage, shogun, rich was no match for anderson silva

sure he had the lutter fight, but lets not also forget he had surgery on both his knees 2 weeks before that fight

then the henderson fight...because henderson is a easy opponent for some reason...ppl can say henderson is meant for LHW but he was doing great at MW before and after anderson

and the sonnen fight, wich simply proves just how damn good anderson is, after a 4 round war he was still able to pull out a triangle in the 5th, you know how many fighters would have been broken by then? or not even be phisically capable of doing that?

also sonnen is one of if not THE best wrestler in the UFC and that is andersons biggest weakness and anderson STILL comes out on top, i would bet sonnen beats GSP

and last but not least i think anderson would beat GSP so that makes it easier to rank him higher

but in the end, if you want to talk about outclassing guys in the UFC no1 doest that better than anderson, taking every opponent to a UD isnt THAT impressive IMO..and im not a GSP hater, i dont even care if he finishes or not

also Anderson has never backed out of a fight because of an injury in all of his career in the UFC, i also think thats very impressive, though GSP hasnt either

PS: lol limba, goku would DOMINATE every super hero...there isnt even a debate there

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