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Originally Posted by Beeg View Post
P4P is often argued, as in this case, of record vs record. Who did GSP beat and who did Silva beat? To me P4P's always been a different hypothetical... scale up GSP's body and frame to Silva's 6'2", and who would win if they fought each other?

I don't blame GSP for not wanting to move up in weight and fight Silva. GSP knows how easy it was for him to handle Penn in their second fight. Sometimes size... not just weight, cannot be overcome if skill is fairly equal. On top of Silva having about 4" in height on GSP, his proportions are different. The ratio of Silva's legs to torso are different (longer legs). Silva's an excellent striker with kicks, and even if they fought each other at the same weight, Silva's reach advantage with legs and arms would offer a significant problem for GSP.

But if I could play God and expand GSP's height and weight to match Silva's... which of the two would win now that skill, fitness and determination are the only differing factors. Kind of an aside, but this is why I think Jon Jones is going to rule the LHW division the way Silva and GSP have ruled their classes. Jones' frame, height, leg length and size are almost unfair for the division.
i think GSP could avoid this situation by simply being humble and saying Anderson would kick his ass if he moved up, i think the size difference is too much also, not so much the weight but the height, its obvious GSP is a WW and anderson is a MW

Anderson admits JBJ would kill him and always says he wants to finish his career at MW, thats why many ppl dont complain about him

but everytime some1 asks GSP about anderson he responds with ''i think i can beat him, its just a matter of putting on the weight the right way'' or ''i think i could compete at MW''

damn if he isnt sure just admit you would get your ass kicked and that you want to stay at WW
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