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Originally Posted by HD209458B View Post
Yer couldn't agree more. But fact is GSP isn't that much smaller than AS. Even Kos is around 200, i bet GSP is around 205-210. AS used to be very light for MW but i think he walks around 220 now days, either way the weight difference between two aren't that great and they can easily fight at catch weight(say 175-180) so i dont think there would be any unfair disadvantage for GSP.
Height difference shouldn't make the fight unfair, there are heaps of tall(slimmer) fighters in UFC and many got beaten by shorter(stocky) fighters. I think it comes down more to the training, skill, game plan, endurance and maybe bit of luck.
I've noticed that of your 60 some odd post over half of them are about GSP, seems like an obsession, almost like your obsession with Benny Hinn.... But you might want to consider that GSP is on record many times that his walk around weight is between 192-194, not 205-210. Of course Silva's walk around weight of 220 includes a lot of cheeseburgers, so I agree that a fight at 185 their weight would not be that far apart, maybe a few pounds advantage to Silva. Silva's frame however is naturally suited to this weight, while GSP is far more suited to 170 and he is clearly already bulking up the the max his frame can carry for him to perform at his peak athletic ability.

Hight difference doesn't make fight's "unfair", but it will definitely give an advantage to Silva. It makes it more difficult for GSP to establish range with his jab, his weapon of choice, if he has a large reach disadvantage. Of course this fight GSP would naturally want to take Silva to the ground. Most likely GSP would be just as successful as many other wrestlers in the past have been at taking Silva down, but I'm not sure he would be as tenacious at keeping him there as Sonnen was. GSP tends to make attempts to actually PASS guard and this might get him in trouble. Where I doubt he would be in much trouble is from sub attempts from the bottom, GSP has unparalleled posture and sub defense while Sonnen has a sub easy-button. But every time GSP tries to pass, Silva has a chance to get back up, and that's a dangerous place for GSP, or anyone, to be.

However, P4P in my eyes is not predicated on actually SEEING the fighters in question fight. It's a title bestowed by the fans and on this subject I'm pretty sure the jury is still out or we wouldn't be so heavily debating it. I think the future will decide in the end who was the best P4P fighter of this era, GSP or Silva. In other threads this past week I provided a lot of metrics that I think are relevant to the subject that get overlooked, mostly "strength of schedule", and in that category GSP wins hands down.

If you look at GSP's last 10 opponents they have a 3.77/1 win/loss ratio compared to a 2.7/1 win/loss ratio of Silva's last 10 opponents. It would be AWESOME if I had a number to weight each of the opponents those 10 guys fought in the same fashion, but that would take far too long. But clearly the difference is already significant. GSP has fought far stronger opponents, in dominant fashion.

On the other hand, in Silva's favor he has finished far more of his opponents.

I tend to proclaim one as the GOAT after his fight and then flip/flop as soon as the other fights, because they are just both so impressive it's impossible for me to chose
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