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Originally Posted by HD209458B View Post
i bet GSP is around 205-210.
You're the biggest TROLL i've ever seen.

I believe your only purpose is to talk crap and create a lot of unnecessary smack-talk around here.

Either that...or you suffer from a severe case of amnesia.

How can you even say something like that, after posting numerious times in another thread regarding GSP's weight - a thread in wich the OP posts an interview with GSP's coach, Firas Zahabbi, in wich he clearly explains how big GSP is the fact he can't get bigger without affecting him.

This thread

If he goes up [to 185], I would recommend he stay the same size. You don’t want Georges to go in there bulked up and unable to perform in the mechanical way that he does. I’d probably push him up to 200 pounds for that fight. He still wouldn’t be as big as Anderson and it wouldn’t be natural, but it would be better. If you do get on Anderson Silva, having an extra pounds on you is a good extra 10 pounds.
You're not even reading what the thread's discussion/topic is all about.

And this - thread here:

"Georges has been getting better at cutting weight. He’s walking around at 194 (pounds). There was a time when he used to walk around at 180 to make 170. He cuts weight so easily we added more muscle.
As soon as the weigh-in is done (Friday afternoon) we’ll give him a recovery drink. We’ll even give him Prime (a workout supplement by Gatorade, which sponsors St-Pierre) because he needs the carbohydrates that much more . . . he’ll enter the ring at 192 or 193 pounds."
And i already had a discussion with you on the subject of GSP's weight, about a month ago. When i offered a lot of arguments sustaining my point of view.

Thread here

You just march in, in every GSP thread, with your *troll-poetry* trying to start s*it.

I feel sorry for you.

You sound like a very frustrated person, who doesn't have too many goals in his life and by creating this *troll-buzz*, you try to get a lot of attention on yourself.

I will try not giving you that satisfaction from now on and i hope other posters who realize this after reading this, will do the same.

Best regards.



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