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I thought the statement lee polley made at the beginning of this weeks episode was pretty contradictory. JDS was giving his guys a pep talk in defeat, and Lew Polley chimes in with a blatant contradiction to JDS' statements. You would never hear and have not heard someone from brock's coaching staff doing things like that. JDS also told Lew Polley how he wanted to train these guys, and again Lew Polley had an attitude as if it were HIS way or the highway when it was actually the other way around.

I think Brock and JDS have a lot to offer their team in terms of coaching, and they both also have a different technique, attitude and mentality when it comes to training. If this season has shown anything, it's that both lens techniques have ended up with mixed results. I don't think you can call one of their techniques right or wrong, or better or worse. Especially when it really depends on the fighter being trained at the end of the day. Both coaches are pretty green themselves and it shows up in both of their training techniques in my opinion.
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