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Originally Posted by sNuFf_rEaLiTy View Post
I don't agree with those sentiments. Brock isn't as supportive and doesn't always seem there. Half the time I see brock on the show he's just sitting on the couch in that pre-fight room. His corner advice also needs a lot of work when compared to JDS who seems to have a good eye for a fight.

JDS is always calling out instructions to help his man progress in the fight, brock's fighter throws 2 jabs that land so he yells the obvious instruction to keep jabbing...

I haven't seen brock do enough coaching to really judge him TBH, and it isn't from a lack of watching the show.

I also really just don't agree with your sentiment of JDS holding his fighter's hand. He gives great advice, works them hard, works them in a more personal manner, has their back in victory and defeat. And has a lot of advice to offer not just in a physical sense when it concerns the fight game but the mental as well.

It's easy to lump everyone who dislikes lesnar into the "because he's a wwe guy, or he's a dickhead" category. whatever helps you sleep at night. If I'm wrong in my assessment of JDS' coaching abilities and techniques, do feel free to enlighten me though.

and in regards to Lew Polley being booted off of Team Dos Santos, let's say there's a jui jitsu coach at Matt Serra's school for jui jitsu. Matt Serra has his techniques and his methods that he teaches his students with and I'm sure he likes his assistants to maintain his principals and values, not go behind his back or right in front of him and be like "I here what you're saying, but listen up guys, this is how it is and how I see it." There's no room for that stepping on toes business with coaches because it IS about the fighters on the show. To put it simply, Lew Polly should have known better.
I and even JDS own fighter see it a completely the other way around. In just last night's episode they had the fighter talking how they were worried about JDS being the only guy in the corner because they can't understand his instructions. And Lew wasn't there just to be a wrestling coach; JDS said from the begining he was brought into relate to the guys because he was a native english speaker and all the blackhouse coaches are brazillians.
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