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Can someone help me out (need a sig for a friend)

This sig is for a friend on a gaming forum that im apart of, he really is jelouse of peoples sigs and so i talked with him and laughed while saying i know a group that can photoshop circles around these guys

So with that being said, this is for a different forum so i know a bunch of you may not want to help out but if you can please do

The sig

for Section 8 prejudice game

wants a sig of one guy shanking another guy (cuse he is #1 in knife kills in the game) wants the other guy to have a pulse cannon ( its a way OP weapon we are against)

wants his name in sig : The Amurican

other details he wanted: green armor

I told him to give me as much detail of what he wanted and then i would let you guys run with it, honestly he mainly wants a guy shanking the other guy

pics to help with

Pulse cannon

if you guys need anymore pics or details let me know

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