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Originally Posted by leifdawg View Post
The fighters were clearly disapointed with him leaving and didn't seem to even realize there was tension.
I tried to dig up anything I could find about this.

Javier Torres seems to think it was the right decision:

Having a coach leave in the middle of taping is odd and a few of the fighters talked about it during the episode but what did they really think?

[b]“Everyone was ok with the decision but a few of them were sad. Couple fighters were worried that they wouldn’t be able to understand anyone now during the fight. It was the right decision though,” Explains Torres.
I think Lew is a chump for trying to demonize JDS and defer blame on him. JDS has to be one of the most mellow and relaxed people, anywhere.

If there's a problem it has to be Lew. JDS isn't going to be the one rocking the boat and making waves. If you manage to piss JDS off -- you really have to be a dickhead, because he really does try to get along with everyone.

Lew is kissing babies and trying to pretend hes a victim of the system and JDS or some BS. The "evil" JDS and his "nefarious" brazilian gangsters set Lew up.

I really hope people don't fall for Lew's bs.

With luck, Lew fights again, loses, and goes back to being an unknown where he belongs.

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