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Upper Body Push Cycle:
Repeat cycle 3 times, rest 90 seconds
Warmup Military Press 12@bar

Military Press 6,6,6@105lbs
DB Bench W/ Dropset 6,6,4@65lbs 8@40lbs 20@20lbs single hand
Lateral Flys 12,12,12@15lbs
Skullcrushers 9,8,8@55lbs
Pushups 15,10,6
Rear Dips 8,8,8
Dips 4,4,4
Pushups 8,7,4
Rear Dips 8,8,8
Dips 4,4,4

Lowered Military Press and Bench by 10 and 5lbs to adjust to the weight loss. The upside of losing 10lbs or so is the numbers on dips went up.

I forgot to mention that my opponent for june wanted 185 or nothing, so I have a larger cut ahead of me. I'm still tracking my diet everyday and meeting target calories. I'm waking up around 196ish every morning so I'm on the right

No Gi

Technique was attacking the back. From seat belt we learned to rear naked choke with the underhook going across their neck. Easier to sink, but more difficult to finish with their arm in there. Next in the sequence they reach to defend we trap that wrist with our overhook hand, then bring our rear naked choke out and around, chopping the wrist into the side of their neck. Pull at their trapped wrist or adjust further to the elbow and move off to the side like a bow and arrow choke to finish. Then if that doesn't work, from the bow and arrow the trapped arm should be easily available for an armbar.

Did well rolling, but the last round I got tapped by a stronger pro fighter with some kind of weird omoplata/armbar. One more day training and I get a rest day.
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