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Sounds like Bas is trying to defend GSP's another decision win. I don't respect GSP at all, i'm sorry if you are a GSP fan but thats my opinion.
1. Chicken, he is only worried about keeping his belt and making money. Its not the killer instinct he lacks but he just doesnt have ballz. GSP would have fought AS or others at MW long time if he did. (he is a big WW)
2. Boring, he even admits fighting "Safe" and just can't finish fights.
Do you really think GSP's "Safe" fighting tactic is exciting? GSP went for a take down at last minute of 5th round against Koscheck and Shields..
3. Overrated. GSP = best p4p? LOL
He does have great take down skills but his striking and submission skills aren't that great. Look what Shields did to his face during stand up. If he was a great striker he would have finished Shields standing up and wouldn't have got KOed by Serra.
GSP was on top of Hardy for like 24mins, he was able to take him down anytime and he tried to submit Hardy but just didn't have the skills.
4. Cheater, i honestly think GSP should have lost at UFC 94 cos he cheated. Fact that he got away is what pisses me off the most. GSP couldn't even take smaller Penn down in first round despite many attempts til he got greased up, and even Edgar(UFC 118) was able to take Penn down in first round. Personally i think GSP would have still won that fight without getting greased up since he had size/cardio advantage but he had to cheat.

Many GSP fans believe GSP can easily beat AS and i totally disagree. IMHO fans deserve to find out whos the best.
I know smarter GSP fans gonna say GSP is too small for AS and im sure GSP's been watching his weight very carefully to avoid Silva fight.
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