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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
I challenge you HD to go an entire day of posting or even 3 consectutive posts without bashing GSP. It seems its your sole purpose on the board since I would bet 95 of your hundred posts are doing just that. We get it, your not the president of the Rush fan club.
LOL i think you are being bit harsh, 95? maybe ~60
At least i don't go around posting total bs about my fav fighters, unlike some GSP nuthuggers here.
Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
I believe he will absolutely tool AS 10 times worse than Sonnen without getting subbed.
Originally Posted by diablo5597 View Post
GSP would beat every MW at his current weight in my opinion. He would also beat most of the LHW's and even some of the HW's with his current weight. People don't understand how good he is.
I honestly think GSP is not that great so thats why i'm replying back to these posts. I guess you don't like my posts since you are a GSP fan and you hate AS.
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