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Online, being on your back against someone who knows what they're doing almost means a guaranteed loss.

This game isn't exactly casual gamer friendly. It's hard to find an opponent online that is of your skill level. The only reason you can always find an opponent easily is because of "quick match" where they set you up with a random player. That's where the problem is. They set you up with a random player that potentially has over 1000 fights under their belt with an impressive resume. That isn't the most fair fight if you have a mediocre record. That wouldn't be such a bad idea if you had the option to quit the game before it started, but when they choose a player for you, they don't show you the players fight record until the fight is loading. They just show you their screen name.

A lot of people just say "Oh that's no big deal, it's a learning experience for you.", but it's hard to learn a lot when they just take you down and finish you in under a minute. Instead of just using that excuse, why couldn't they set a lobby mode like most games have and give you the option to choose a certain skill level before entering them? That way, you will know that you're not going to fight a guy with a record of 1500 wins and 45 losses. They have a prize fighting lobby, although that is always empty. I've seen many games utilize different types of lobbys. Usually have a rookie lobby, a mediocrity lobby, and a legend lobby. Just random examples of names that could be used. This shouldn't be a game where only excellent players can enjoy the online features.

Once in a while you will get to fight a guy with a similar record as you, and that's when it gets fun. Win or lose, it's almost always a competitive fight.

I guess the one good thing about this is, I've beat a few guys with impressive records and that puts a smile on my face because I know I'm not exactly a beast at playing this game.

Anyone else know where I'm coming from?

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