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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
But here is part of my problem even, It worked, He helped Ryan cut weight and he looked great. Lew planned on the fighter cutting weight in the same way that had been working. JDS was just flexing his muscle there and reasserting that he was in charge. I think this whole thing boils down to both guys (JDS/Lew) havign massive ego's. JDS is no saint here he just wants to be in charge for the sake of being in charge.

You think JDS has a massive ego? Your perception of dos Santos sounds pretty ridiculous here. He even apologized when he had to yell at him the first time because he hates "flexing his muscle" and asserting that he's in charge.

Junior said sometimes you just lose, it's just important to go out there and fight your heart out. Then instant Lew says the exact opposite. And he did that over and over and over again.


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